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Long Single Bed Bases for Sale Online

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Long Single Bed Bases for Sale Online

Mattresses require bed bases to ensure they are well supported and function properly. If you already have mattresses and want to combine them with long single bases to extend the life of your mattresses, Bevmarks can help.

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We are known for our strong and durable bed bases made from the finest quality materials. They are long-lasting and will make your mattress look great by preventing sagging or bending. The contemporary and stylish design of the bed bases makes them the perfect addition to your bedroom. We ensure all our bed bases are tested for their strength and endurance, also they can be used with a wide range of mattresses.

Why Choose Long Single Bed Bases?

Long single-bed bases are highly versatile and occupy less space compared to other bases. At Bevmarks, we strive to deliver modern, stylish and sophisticated designer bed bases. Besides being sleek, they look attractive and blend well with home décor. Available in standard sizes, you can match the base with your bedroom’s décor and give it a new look.


1. High resilience

2. Creates a multi-functional bedding system

3. Compact, ideal for small spaces

4. Superior comfort and quality


Do you need a long single base with drawers? We have you covered. We offer long bed bases with pull-out drawers which means you’ll have additional storage space underneath. The high-grade material will ensure your mattress stays intact and lasts longer.

Consider adding bed bases as an easy way to style your home. We bring a wide range of bed base options to help customers change the look of their homes and give the perfect finishing touch to their bedrooms.

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