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Mattress Care

Rotate your mattress!

To ensure you get a good night’s sleep and the right support for the life of your mattress there are things you need to know and do.
The true life of the mattress is 7-10 years.

Your mattress will give you a good night’s sleep and the correct support for 7-10 years, providing you follow this simple advice.

You must rotate the mattress on a regular basis, once a month is ideal, the warranty for your mattress covers only faulty materials and workmanship and asks that you rotate the mattress regularly. We also encourage you to have a mattress protector on your mattress, to protect against stains, dust and allergens

Failing to rotate the mattress will result in significant body impression and shorten the life of your new mattress. This is not an indication of fault; it does indicate that the mattress has not been rotated regularly.

These body impressions are normal and can be minimised and the life of your mattress extended by simply regularly rotating your new mattress.
Rotate your Mattress as shown in the following diagram. 

 How to rotate your mattress

In the event that you are unable to physically rotate your mattress, please contact your nearest Bevmarks showroom and arrange for a regular visit from one of the Bevmarks Team to rotate your mattress.

The Mattress Rotation service is available in the Melbourne Metro area at a cost of $45 per visit. A team of two will visit your home at a prearranged time and rotate your mattress for you. The only thing we need for you to do is to ensure the mattress sheets and bedding are removed prior to the team arriving.