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Customer Care

Please notify us of any defects that are apparent on first inspection of the goods, such as missing parts or damage as soon as possible—within 7 days of delivery.

For any problems, you agree that Bevmarks or its appointed agents may examine and test any goods that are claimed to be defective to establish whether these defects are our responsibility. Where we need to send the goods away for examination or repair, then you will permit us to collect goods for that purpose.

Where defective goods are exchanged, you must allow us to collect the defective goods from you. Please also note you may have to wait for replacement goods.

For self-assembly goods, it is important that you read the assembly instructions carefully as we cannot accept any responsibility for any self assembly goods that are damaged because instructions were not properly followed.


A Body Signature is the impression your body makes on the surface comfort layers of the mattress, where the main weights of your bodies have been lying. It’s your body making your new mattress more comfortable. The wider the mattress, the more likely your Body Signature will also form a ridge in the middle of the bed, as it’s not being used as often. Typically, most couples are comfortable sleeping facing outwards, or back to back, in a slightly foetal position. This brings your hips, which bear much of your weight, no more than 15-20cm apart, so the Body Signature is more noticeable in this middle area of the sleeping surface.

Body Signatures are expected and indicate that your mattress is adapting and conforming to your body shape. Like wearing-in a new pair of shoes, the shoe will feel better after a number of weeks of use as they have moulded to your feet. You’re effectively wearing-in your mattress the exact same way.


Yes. However, if you are unsure, here’s a simple test: Place a long straight edge (like a broom) across the mattress. Then measure the depth from the straight edge (highest point of your mattress) down to the top of your Body Signature – top of the raised pattern not the stitching. Now measure the depth of your Body Signature.

In a depth between 25-30mm is normal. (These values vary for plush mattresses due to the thickness of the comfort layers. The more plush your mattress, the more noticeable your Body Signature will be.) You will experience similar Body Signatures in comfort layers of any mattress. If you don’t then your mattress simply isn’t adapting to your body, or you’re very light. If the depth of the depression is greater than 30mm, further investigation may be required.


Yes! Old or Poor quality slats or foundations inevitably sag in the middle...poor quality new ones will too. This exaggerates your ‘Body Signature’. When using a slat base, make sure the slats are fixed to the base and in very good condition- with a gap of no more than 7cm apart. A good slat base also has a centre rail running from head to foot, offering more correct support. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact the store of purchase.


If you have any comments or questions regarding the Products and services featured on the Site please email or contact your local Bevmarks Store.