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Kensington Plush Mattress

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You save: 50% ( $2,499.50 )


Our new Regency Kensington Mattress range has been manufactured using the finest, internationally sourced technologies & components to provide a cooler, healthier & supportive sleep experience. The Kensington mattress range is adjustable base compatible & available in your choice of Firm, Medium or Plush.

The Kensington Mattress features the latest “cool to touch” smart fabric called- SensICE®. SensICE® textiles are a hyper-conductive material designed to displace & dispel heat. Sleep science tells us that temperature can play a significant role in the process of falling asleep. Our body needs to lower our temperature before we can start to doze off. So in order to fall asleep more efficiently, we need to find that temperature ‘sweet spot’ that enables this to happen….SensICE® heat displacement fabric does just that! 

Sitting underneath the SensICE® fabric, directly under the fabric surface (* to maximize its effectiveness*). We've added the latest in European Technology comfort layers- Aerogel®.

Positioned in the center third of the mattress. The Aerogel® column gel layer provides the ultimate in pressure displacement, ensuring your hips receive the comfort & care they require. Made in Italy- Aerogel® is a polymeric gel that belongs to the family of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) mainly made of two components- a pharmaceutical oil & an accurate rubber blend. Thanks to its high-density molecular structure. Aerogel® takes a significantly longer time to absorb heat. Independent European studies outline that Aerogel® takes 2-3 hours to increase the temperature by 1° C. After that span, it levels off at a temperature approx two degrees lower than the body’s temperature. Basically, it remains cooler & fresher for longer.

Either end of the Aerogel® column layer we’ve positioned a softer memory foam sheeting. Applying the memory foam in the shoulder section enables us to further reduce pressure on the shoulder, upper back & enhance comfort…. but this is no ordinary memory foam.

We decided on the latest evolution of memory foam that has been infused with copper-gel beads. The infusion process of the copper-gel beads into the memory foam means that when the foam is compressed. The copper particles become concentrated on the surface of the foam. Forming an antimicrobial film that’s close to the body that acts as a germ neutralizer – for a cleaner, healthier sleep.

Copper is a completely natural & environmentally friendly material that has been recognised by some as a source of healing for the human body for centuries. People across the globe, including millions of amateur & professional athletes, rely on copper products daily, to assist in healing their aches & pains, including joint pain relief & better blood circulation.

Copper is one of the most conductive metals on earth & copper-gel particles inside the memory foam also acts as an effective thermal regulator. Effectively the copper infusion in Kensington mattresses assists in absorbing body heat like a sponge, helping you stay cooler & comfortable throughout the night. 

Lastly, the Kensington mattress core. We decided on this high-tech foam core rather than any traditional spring system to completely reduce any partner disturbance The heart of this mattress is comprised of a high density, grooved & channeled foam foundation. Simultaneously providing air ventilation & as well as providing a 5x zoned targeted support. EG- more forgiving in the shoulders, firmer in the waist/pelvis area.

Note- the Kensington mattress range is engineered to be completely compatible with any adjustable base.

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