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Hyde Park V2 Firm mattress

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The new Regency Hyde Park Mattress Range has been manufactured using the finest components to provide a healthy and supportive sleep experience.

Why Latex?

Since John Boyd Dunlop created the first latex mattress in 1920, latex has evolved to be one of the best sleep surface technologies there is; with unequaled elasticity, latex bedding products support your movements, as the materials excellent natural elasticity ensures that the latex adapts perfectly to your body contours and helps with spinal alignment as you sleep. With balanced pressure distribution across the surface giving your body optimal support, latex mattress also provide good blood circulation and help prevent pain and stiffness, allowing for a peaceful night’s rest.

A tried and tested sleep surface.

Natural Latex

Natural latex is extracted from the rubber tree and processed using natural biodegradable ingredients. This offers exceptional quality characteristics, as we only use high-quality natural latex from selected and controlled plantations. Natural latex has a supportive and spring-like feel, relaxing your muscles and relieving tension where it is needed most. It is also extremely durable and lasts longer than any other component of the mattress. Compared to synthetic latex, natural latex also provides a more environmentally friendly footprint, often meeting the most rigid of furniture emissions standards.

Natural latex is 100% biodegradable, hygienic, hypoallergenic, dust-free, contaminant-free, and non-toxic. It is comprised of a network of millions of ultra-microcellular structures distributed across the whole block. This is made possible using the latest micro-vent technologies, which further promotes natural breathing and longer product durability. Natural latex rubber has high resilience and strong elongation properties which help to enhance the performance over a long period of time. Foams made from synthetic latex do not have these properties. Furthermore, natural latex does not use petrochemical materials in its natural latex blocks. Using natural latex provides a healthier, environmentally-friendly sleep surface, superior air circulation, is dust and irritant free and is non-allergenic. Natural latex has the highest natural antibacterial properties, unmatched by any other polyurethane or synthetic foam.


Using the latest technologies, The Hyde Park Mattress features SensICE® outer fabric which aids in cooling down. Temperature plays a key part in the process of falling asleep. Our body needs to drop in temperature before we can start to doze off. So in order to quickly fall asleep, we need to find that temperature ‘sweet spot’.

SensICE® does just that! SensICE® mattress textiles are hyper-conductive, they take heat away instantly, resulting in a comfortably cool effect.

Underneath this outer fabric layer is the latest in European Technology, 100% Natural Latex manufactured by Latexco, a Global leader in Latex Manufacturing. Pulse latex comfort layers have a perfectly balanced microclimate and optimised humidity control thanks to the superior ventilation properties of the latex structure. Pulse latex excels on all comfort levels and the SonoCore production process has the best ecological footprint in the entire latex foam industry. The unique endogenous SonoCore technology combined with the new Latexco formulations offers the most durable, best ventilating, strongest, most resilient, and softest latex foam ever made designed to guarantee a perfectly restful and revitalising sleep. SonoCore process catapults latex mattress foundations into the 21st century. The revolutionary SonoCore technology combined with a totally new latex formulation offers the highest quality latex. The Pulse material has a very equal heating-up and cooling-down time, which makes it react very well and fast to ambient conditions. The Pulse material evacuates moisture faster than it absorbs it, making the product’s performance very reactive and healthy for the sleeper.

At the heart of the Hyde Park Mattress is the support system, a 7 zone latex core. The zones ensure that the spine, when sleeping on your side, is kept nice and straight. And, when lying on your back, that the natural curve is maintained (normal lumbar curvature). Latexco determined the exact positioning of the comfort zones in partnership with the renowned Institute of Ergonomics in Munich.

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