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Athlete Contour pillow

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If you are physically active your resting metabolic rate will be higher than average, which means that your body is continually burning off energy even whilst you sleep. 

Welcome to the next generation of intelligent sleep care pillows. These pillows are made using the revolutionary Air Visco- honeycomb in appearance, this latest technology Visco foam utilizes perforated air vents significantly increasing the airflow for excellent climatic comfort.

Its fabric cover features a 3-D material sewn on either side of the revolutionary Outlast climate regulation fabric technology. Outlast uses a phase-changing material (PCM) to absorb, store & release heat to achieve optimum heat & moisture management. This gives any product containing Outlast technology the ability to continually regulate the skin's microclimate. Basically, as the skin gets hot- the heat is absorbed & transferred,  as it cools-heat is released.

Outlast technology does not only balance temperature fluctuations but reduces moisture. Outlast is commonly used in sporting apparel & has finally been applied to sleep products...

You may not be a high-performance athlete but you sure sleep like one.

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